I want you to walk away from our sessions with clarity and expertise that you can easily implement into your day to day going forward. 

Living healthfully is enlightening, and is a lifetime of learning for everyone, including myself. We are constantly evolving.

Working with me in this process allows for flexibility, and is judgment free. I want this to be easy going, adaptable and sustainable for you.

Oftentimes a healthier lifestyle is approached with limitations, but my philosophy here is to escape predetermined beliefs, trendy diets & restrictive eating, allowing for room and growth in your knowledge and health.

My goal is to help suppress the noise of what is ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ in the wellness world and help clients find excitement, motivation & self-assurance.

Discovery Call

A complimentary 15-minute call via Zoom, FaceTime or simply by phone. This call is for us to share a bit about ourselves, talk through any questions or concerns and discuss what it would be like to work together. I’d love to hear about your concerns & goals, and what your hopes are from working one on one with me. 

4 Week Program

This program covers the basics and serves as an intro to nutrition.


  • Intake session

  • Custom meal plan

  • Custom protocol sheet

  • 3 follow up sessions

  • Any relevant handouts 

8 Week Program

This program is for extra support and more complex topics. 


  • Intake session

  • Custom protocol sheet

  • 3 custom meal plans

  • Recipe collection 

  • 6 follow up sessions

  • Any relevant handouts

My programs include continuing recommendations & resources, and in addition to our virtual sessions, I am available via email.

A La Carte

You may also opt to book an initial intake where I build you a personalized meal plan & protocol sheet, and from there you can book follow-ups as you please.


Personalized meal plans going forward are at cost, and I also offer recipe collections which is a collection of 50 recipes geared towards your needs (I.e. breakfasts, lunch on the go, snack ideas, etc).

For pricing and more details, please send me an email at